Nigel Rust, Business Mentor, Coach and Manufacturing Specialist, is all about ‘Helping Small Businesses Become Great Businesses’……

……by bringing a deep understanding of how businesses work and…..

Nigel Rust

Nigel Rust

……by applying a breadth of knowledge and experience gained over three decades of working in large, medium and small organisations……

……in a personal, tailored and flexible way that suits you and adds value to your business.
Your business can be anything from fashion design to food manufacturing, from engineering to printing. You can be a start-up or an established business, small, medium or large.

You may need support in: Sales & Marketing; Production; Financial Management; Business Planning; Efficiency Improvement; Systems or Controls; Human Resource Development; Management Skills; Product Development; Starting Up……or any number of other business issues.

Or you may just need someone to help you see the wood for the trees, someone who has the vision, empathy and understanding to help your business become a great business.

Nigel escorted Prince Philip around one of the displays during the Queen and Prince Philip’s visit to ‘The History of Fashion’ event, Bromley, Kent, 15th May 2012


  • Having someone on your side
  • Someone to ask when you are not sure
  • A guiding hand to help you take good business decisions
  • A driving influence to keep you moving forward
  • Someone to turn to when things get difficult
  • An inexpensive way of gaining access to experience – particularly in areas that are unfamiliar
  • Strategic support combined with detailed, practical and tactical help
  • Hands-on, sleeves rolled up, assistance when needed

How does it work?

  • Face to face meetings, typically 1 ½ to 3 hours long, as often or as little as you need. No need to commit to more than one session at a time. First hour is free with no obligation to proceed.
  • Support through telephone and email between meetings if appropriate.

Mentoring is often about being able to combine strategic thinking with detailed, practical and tactical help. It is also about guidance and recognising when and where to seek specialised assistance. Most importantly it is about adding value. I think my hands-on experience and my flexible approach enables me to be of significant benefit and value to my clients.”               Nigel Rust



  • Learning the skills you need to be successful in your business
  • Making sure you, your workforce or management colleagues have the right approach and understanding
  • Picking up new tools and techniques to help you drive your business upwards
  • Learning how other companies do things – what makes them successful
  • Not having to re-invent the wheel all the time

How does it work?

  • In-house, one-to-one coaching or group workshops can be tailored to suit your own needs. Dates can be agreed as required.
  • Group workshops, open to everyone, are often being run for specific sectors – see ‘Events’ page for details

One-to-one coaching can cover most business topics – please enquire about your particular requirements.

Nigel Rust working with Nin Castle of GoodOne

Nigel Rust working with Nin Castle of GoodOne - the award-winning, innovative, fashion company (www.goodone.co.uk) - during his time with the Manufacturing Advisory Service

Typical group workshop titles include:

(Note: if there is a subject you are interested in that is not listed please enquire as it may be possible to cover it or to refer you to another provider)

  • Financial Management for small businesses
  • Finding the right manufacturer
  • Getting the most out of your manufacturer
  • Making It Happen – How to turn your vision into reality
  • Sales & marketing principles
  • Selling and negotiating for young businesses
  • Writing your own business plan
  • Leadership and Management
  • Team Leading
  • Lean awareness (lean manufacturing principles and practice)

Fashion sector specific workshops are run on behalf of partner company Fashion Enter. For dates refer to the Events page, to book please contact Jenni Sutton at Fashion Enter.

Be Business Ready in 2011

  • How much are you really making?
  • How rich are you going to be?
  • Getting the most out of your manufacturer (finding and managing your manufacturer)
  • Making It Happen
  • Sales & Marketing principles
  • Selling and negotiating
  • Writing your own business plan

The workshops proved to be extremely helpful. The knowledge that Nigel possessed was invaluable. He communicated & supported at each step, and went above and beyond my expectations.”  Ingrid Elad,  Consultant, Asoni Consulting

Vital information has been given regarding vision, objectives, planning etc. Nigel is a great teacher. He has a great way with his students. He doesn’t teach us ‘parrot fashion’, we are made to think about planning every aspect of our business.”  Belinda Chorley, Fashion Designer, Beyond Burlesque.


Manufacturing Specialist

For Designer/Makers:

Nigel at the cutting table

Nigel at the cutting table

  • Help if you are looking for a manufacturer
  • Help getting the most out of your relationship with a manufacturer
  • Guidance on production planning and monitoring – efficient use of your time – getting your products on time – meeting your quality requirements

For Manufacturers:

  • Implementing and embedding ‘Lean manufacturing’ techniques – usually achieving significant productivity gains in a short space of time
  • Improving efficiency – cutting costs
  • Embedding a ‘Continuous Improvement’ culture – so you keep getting more efficient
  • Developing or improving management systems – giving you greater control in an efficient and manageable way
  • Tackling compliance issues

How does it work?

  • A mixture of training and hands-on implementation
  • Working with you , ensuring skills are passed on, so that you can carry on moving forward after the work is finished
  • The work usually takes the form of a programme of visits over a period of time. The number of visits depends on the project requirements and is defined after an initial (free) assessment, followed by a proposal for your consideration.